Lao Religious Rights Docs

Lao Religious Freedom Documents:

Lao Constititution (pdf)
Decree on Management and Protection of Religious
Activities in the Lao People Democratic Republic, Prime
Minister’s Office No. 92/PM (1992)

Other Lao Laws and Legal Procedures: 

Law on Penal (2005) (pdf)
Law on Peoples Court (2003) (pdf)
Law on Public Prosecutor & Decree (2003) (pdf)
Law on Criminal Procedure & Decree (2004) (pdf)
Law on Civil Procedure (2004) (pdf)
Law on Handling Petitions (2005) (pdf)
Law on Local Administration (2003) (pdf)
Law on Customs & Decree (2005) (pdf)
Law on the Protection of the Rights of Children (2006) (pdf)

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